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Nanticoke River Marine Park
Transient Rates


Transient Rates
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Fees are dollar amount per foot of the vessel per night.  Overnight dockage is from time of check in until noon the following day.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Day       $1.00 per foot
Week      $3.00 per foot
Month    $6.00 per foot
50 Amp  $5.00 per day
30 Amp    $3.00 per day
(2)30 Amp    $5.00 per day
Fees for monthly transient dockage shall be paid one month in advance.  All electric payments are due on demand, and shall be billed monthly.
Transient vessel owner(s), family and guest(s) are expected to adhere to rules and regulations, or the dockage agreement shall be voided with NO REFUND of paid fees.